You want some, right?!
How about getting a box (or two!) of insanely tasty plant-powered chocolate sweetened with dates delivered to your door in the UK before ANYONE ELSE IN THE WORLD gets it? 
It's a unique opportunity available until 28 February 2018 (or until our stock runs out)! 
£29 (shipping included)
That's only £2.4 per bar (£1 less than in stores). 
Happy dance!
Ingredients: Cocoa mass, Date powder, Cocoa Butter, Coconut milk powder (Coconut paste, Coconut cream, Coconut flour).
£29 (shipping included)
Yup, still £2.4 per bar according to our math!
You won't find this offer anywhere else, just sayin.
Ingredients: Cocoa mass, Date powder, Cocoa Butter, Coconut milk powder (Coconut paste, Coconut cream, Coconut flour), Strawberries, Vanilla pods.
A little disclaimer (as stated on our wrappers):
All ingredients certified organic. May contain milk, hazelnuts, almonds (meaning that our factory produces other products that contain the above mentioned ingredients). Contains only naturally occurring sugars. We don't add any refined sugar, sweet syrups or artificial sweeteners. Only fruits. High in fibre. Free from gluten and soya. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. 
What's special about kAAKAO?
The taste is heavenly: creamy, smooth and perfectly sweet with a nice chocolaty after taste
Only 10 grams of naturally occurring sugar (fructose) per 40g bar, which is less than in one medium apple
Sweetened with dates, only - we're the first in the world doing this! (Unless you can prove us wrong?)
Plant-powered - made with fruits and berries produced by Mother Earth 
Certified Organic - All Natural
No emulsifiers, lecithin, flavourings or preservatives
Made with premium quality ingredients. The base includes 4 ingredients only; single origin Ecuadorian cocoa beans, cocoa butter, dates and coconut milk. 57% cocoa.
No added sugar, sugar substitutes, coconut sugar, dehydrated coconut blossom, cane juice/nectar, artificial sweeteners, stevia, xylitol, agave syrup or honey. None.
Vegan and free from soy, dairy, gluten and GM ingredients
Low GI. Suitable for diabetics and people with low GI/sugar diets
kAAKAO is my contribution to a better, sweeter world. 
We all have the right - and deserve to - enjoy all the sweet stuff that is right in front of us. That's probably why we're here, ya know - to go on an incredible adventure with the people we love. 
The thing is, it's not always that easy to enjoy life...
There are ups and downs, too much time, too little time. Days when we feel we're on a roll, and others when we leave our keys in the fridge. And then there are some limitations - like that one mosquito in your room at 3AM - that have an impact on the way we live and on what we consume. It way be health related, an intolerance, weight control, a religious preference, a difficult relationship or that incredibly annoying, self-centered boss - pretty much a n y t h i n g. And it alters the choices you make every single day.

kAAKAO is simply insanely tasty chocolate that reminds you of all the good things in life (and our bars make you look really cool).
kAAKAO Stephanie Seege
We've managed to create a chocolate so creamy and so intensely and effortlessly delicious that you'll hopefully turn into a raving kAAKAO fan. Our bars serve pretty much every (alternative) diet out there as they are plant-powered (vegan), dairy-free, gluten-free and sweetened with dates (hence, diabetics can enjoy 'em too). The Original, not plain flavour contains four (yes, 4!) ingredients: cacao, cacao butter, coconut milk and dates - all organic. That's it.

Indulgence is your birthright, regardless of that thing that challenges you or that holds you back a bit from enjoying life to the fullest. Hopefully you'll love our chocolate as much as I do.

I wish that kAAKAO changes the way you look at life. Because everything really, really is possible.

Much love, Stephanie
It's easy to trust a friend. Here's what ours say about kAAKAO:
Jayne Lo, Personal Trainer
"As a fitness and health junkie but an equally serious foodie, I've aways been conscious of what I put in my body. I came across kAAKAO recently, was given a sample of their original (but epic) 57% chocolate and fell in LOVE. 
Considering it only has 4 ingredients, it's got the PERFECT balance of sweetness without being too sweet, and a beautifully complimentary cocoa flavour. Usually, I'd find a 57% cocoa content more on the sweet side, but kAAKAO was perfectly balanced dark to my taste buds. I can't wait to try more of their range!" 
Helen Goldberg, Lawyer
"I look after myself and don't suffer from health issues, so don't bother with 'free-from' food - they often don't taste very nice. So when Stephanie introduced me to kAAKAO I thought it might be OK and I’d give it a try, but didn’t think it would be awesome or a replacement for ’normal’ chocolate. But I was wrong. It tastes amazing. Better than the normal stuff. Actually better than the posh stuff. And I really know my chocolate."
Katie Jeffrey, Proptech Startup Lead
I wasn’t blessed with the best digestive system, so I try to eat healthy and avoid dairy. But, during a long day or times of stress, I tend to reach for treats which aren’t very good for me. I’m only human! 
kAAKAO’s chocolate provides the perfect 3pm snack-attack pick-me-up without refined sugar or dairy. This makes me and my digestive system happy! My current obsession is vanilla and strawberry, but I’m hoping they make something with caramel very soon! 
Abbas Mohamed, Lawyer
All I want to say is that kAAKAO is yummy! The chocolate doesn't need much of an intro, to be honest. 
I love the fact that it's a smaller size (40g) and it serves as a snack on the go. Who knew you'd actually call chocolate a 'snack', but that's what it feels like. A great snack! I never thought chocolate with this few ingredients could taste THIS good. It's ridiculous. Highly recommend it!