General questions and (excellent) answers:
Does kAAKAO only contain four (4!) ingredients?

Yup, that's it. They all said it was impossible to make chocolate that sweetens itself, buuuuut we did it using organic dates and coconut milk (and cocoa + cocoa butter, naturally).
How are kAAKAO bars different from other chocolate bars?

kAAKAO is technically not allowed to be called 'chocolate'. According to EU law, chocolate by definition is a combination of sugar and cocoa. We use dates instead of any other type of sugar. Evidently, we've invented our own category: kAAKAO.
Is kAAKAO a healthy chocolate?

kAAKAO bars are made with good fats, cacao and organic fruit. We use the best organic ingredients we can find. Calling kAAKAO ‘healthy’ is a bit of a stretch – we all have our own definitions of what that means so we’d rather stick to 'insanely tasty not-chocolate sweetened with dates'. If you think it’s healthy – awesome sauce!
Who is kAAKAO for?

It's for everyone (YAY!) - suitable for chocolate lovers, vegans, vegetarians, people with intolerances (gluten and dairy-free), people with health issues (diabetics) and anyone else looking for a damn good chocolate bar.
Eating preferences, allergies and other stuff:
Is kAAKAO gluten-free and dairy-free?

Yes! It’s free from most allergens (gluten, dairy, soya, additives, preservatives, colorings etc.). It's also vegan - i.e. plant-powered, which means it suits most people's eating preferences. 
Is kAAKAO suitable for dieting? 

We have no idea. Maybe it’ll make you lose ton of weight. Or gain tons. That depends on a lot of things (metabolism, body type, exercise, the moon, the sun etc.) That said, you might feel better if you eat kAAKAO, compared to eating other snack bars or chocolate. Let us know what your experience is like.
I have diabetes. Can I eat kAAKAO?

In moderation! kAAKAO has a low GI (Glycemic Index), which means it doesn’t spike your blood sugar as much as regular, (refined) sugar.  
Do your kAAKAO bars contain sugar?

Yes, natural occurring sugar, i.e. fructose and glucose. One bar contains 10g, which is less than what a green apple contains, and we’re really proud of that. Would you ever think twice about eating an apple? 
I'm allergic to nuts, can I eat kAAKAO?

Our bars are produced in a factory that handles nuts – so if you're extremely allergic to them, it may not be suitable for you, so sorry!
How can your bars be high in fibre?

Because one of the four ingredients used in each bar is organic dates, that contain fibre naturally. Fibre is super important for good digestion and for building muscles, so munch away and feel good about it.