Made with four (4!) premium quality ingredients: single origin Ecuadorian cocoa beans, cocoa butter, dates and coconut milk. That's it
According to EU law, the definition of chocolate is sugar + cocoa. We only use dates, which is why our bars can't be called 'chocolate'. Say hello to a new illegal not-chocolate category: kAAKAO.
Sweetened with dates - we're the first company in the world doing this for our entire range and our bars contain 40% less sugar than the average chocolate bar
The taste is heavenly: creamy, smooth and perfectly sweet with a nice chocolaty after taste 
Certified Organic - All natural
Plant-powered - made with natural stuff produced by Mother Earth 
Only 10 grams of naturally occurring sugar (fructose and glucose) per 40g bar, which is less than in one medium sized apple
Free from soy, dairy, gluten, GM ingredients, emulsifiers, lecithins, flavourings, preservatives and other dodgy stuff
Low GI. Suitable for diabetics in moderation and for people with low GI/sugar diets
No added sugar, sugar substitutes, coconut sugar, dehydrated coconut blossom, cane juice/nectar, artificial sweeteners, stevia, xylitol, agave syrup or honey. Nada
kAAKAO bars contain 40% less sugar 
than the average chocolate bar. 
There are few things that connect us to sweet memories as effortlessly as smooth, creamy chocolate shared with family, friends and special someones. 

Finnish-born Stephanie Seege grew up loving chocolate, but her childhood allergies and severe eczema prevented her from enjoying sweets and other foods. In her early twenties she went through a complete change in diet and lifestyle and she started developing recipes free from dairy, gluten and refined sugar to help people on a similar path to better health. Through that process, her curiosity around building a scalable, do good-brand grew, and she decided that chocolate was a worthy place to start. Because, in the end, life is too short to waste, and chocolate is always a good idea. 

Mind you, not just any chocolate, but an absolutely indulgent, organic and plant-based bar made without any dodgy ingredients – and apparently a little illegal according to the EU*, as no added sugar was to be used, just dates. 

People said Stephanie was crazy, they said it was impossible to break chocolate tradition by swapping milk and sugar for coconut milk and dates. After a few years of testing, failing, blending and more testing with a Swiss partner, she finally succeeded. 

And that’s how kAAKAO was born. 

The big mission – besides making damn good chocolate – is to challenge and change the food industry for the better. And to connect people to what matters the most: good health, love and belonging. 

Because you’re not here just to eat, sleep, work, and repeat. You’re here to be gratified, indulged, and seduced with the best [slightly objective] chocolate ever made in great company. 

So, if you’re the dreamer, the doer, the non-conformist, the rebel, the trendsetter, the wanderer – kAAKAO is probably, no definitely, for you. 

It will change the way you look at life. Because you never really have to give up on anything, not even chocolate. The biggest ‘impossible’ (like sweetening kAAKAO with dates) is always possible. You just have to find a way. 

Indulgence is your birthright.
*According to EU law, chocolate by definition is a combination of cocoa and sugar. kAAKAO bars are only sweetened with dates, and therefore the result cannot be called ‘chocolate’ officially. So, this is very unofficial, right?! Right. 
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