Insanely tasty chocolate that 
sweetens itself.
The taste is heavenly: creamy, smooth and perfectly sweet with a nice chocolaty after taste
Only 10 grams of naturally occurring sugar (fructose) per 40g bar, which is less than in one medium apple
Sweetened with dates only - we're the first in the world doing this!! 
Plant-powered - made with fruits and berries produced by Mother Earth 
Certified Organic - All Natural
No emulsifiers, lecithin, flavourings or preservatives
Made with premium quality ingredients. The base includes 4 ingredients only; single origin Ecuadorian cocoa beans, cocoa butter, dates and coconut milk. 57% cocoa.
No added sugar, sugar substitutes, coconut sugar, dehydrated coconut blossom, cane juice/nectar, artificial sweeteners, stevia, xylitol, agave syrup or honey. None.
Vegan and free from soy, dairy, gluten and GM ingredients
Low GI. Suitable for diabetics and people with low GI/sugar diets
We fell outta love with sugar, 
but we're not bitter.
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