The kLUBB is a community for anyone with a 
burning desire to do good in the world
Living in London (or any other city..) can be tough and lonely - especially when working on something new that might not yet be ready to be understood or enjoyed by others. That's where the idea for the kLUBB was born. You don't have to be an entrepreneur, or 'successful', or particularly funny, or super inspirational or anything like that, to join - e v e r y o n e is welcome, just the way you are.  

kAAKAO was founded with the intention of making awesome chocolate while building community among like-minded, slightly optimistic people, who believe in making a difference and leaving this place at least a little better than it was when we got here. 

It may not be easy, but it's a good mission to be on.
'kAAKAO' and 'kLUBB' are actual words and not just an easy marketing trick to make a brand name look hip and Scandi. Stephanie is born and bred in Finland, a bilingual country with a 5% Swedish speaking minority that she belongs to. Swedish speaking Finns speak both Finnish and Swedish, the latter being their mother tongue. 'Kaakao' literally means cacao and hot chocolate in Finnish. 'Klubb' means club in Swedish. 
(Aren't you the clever one who figured that one out all on your own!). 

We're all exotic blends of this and that, which is also the foundation for the unique stories yet to be told and experiences yet to be shared in the kLUBB. At the end of it all, people seem to remember good moments spent with incredible people - and that's where you enter the picture.
How does it work?
The kLUBB is all about us creating positive change, kickass products and life-long connections. We meet every other month (you don't have to be there every time, unless you want to - like we REALLY do) in London and hang out face-to-face, because the world needs more physical contact (don't go there).
The next kLUBB will be 30 October at 7PM near London Bridge.
Sign up through the link below to get more info about the kLUBB venue.
There are a few little things we'd ask you to keep in mind:

1) Feel free to talk business (we know we will..) However, the kLUBB is NOT a place where it's appreciated to walk around handing out business cards with the hopes of selling something the next day.

2) If you sign up and say you'll be there - be there. You always show up to important meetings too, right? The venue has limited space reserved for us - please respect that.

3) We're asking you to leave us your post address, because we might send you something nice further down the line. It's neither a bill, nor something dodgy. Chances are, it's very, very good. 
You'll just have to trust us on this one. 

4) The kLUBB is all about making meaningful connections and having a great time over a drink or two. 
That's it. (There might be kAAKAO bars too)
See you in the kLUBB,
Stephanie & Team kAAKAO
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